We’re pleased to be able to spay your female dog using key-hole surgery. Known as a laparoscopic spay, this is an alternative to the traditional surgical method. As many of us will know from human medicine, key-hole surgery is less invasive and allows faster recovery time.

Laparoscopic surgery requires both specialist equipment and an experienced surgeon to carry out the procedure. At Summer Lane Vets we have both! Some of the specialist equipment can also be used for other surgical procedures for example splenectomy, prophylactic gastropexy, key-hole liver biopsy and more. Please ask us about for more details about key-hole surgery.

Nurse Clinics

We are pleased to offer many different clinics run by our dedicated and caring team of qualified and registered veterinary nurses. You will see our nurses in their green uniforms and red nurse badges. They consult along side the vets and see patients for things like anal gland problems, nail clips and post-op checks as well as second vaccinations after being seen by a vet as well as a whole range of dedicated nurse clinics.

Our nurse clinics include weight clinics, geriatrics, diabetics, rabbits, dental health and puppy and kittens checks to name but a few!

Our nurses are very knowledgeable and approachable and no question is too silly or trivial to ask them. 


We believe that a proactive approach to your pet’s health is the best way to show you care. We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable, which is why we have designed our Summer Lane Pet Health Plan.

Our Pet Health Plan is not the same as pet insurance. It includes the regular things like vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments, health checks and advice, all in one monthly payment plan. Please ask us for more details and how to sign up.

In-house Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped to process most blood tests needed on a day-to-day basis as well as in an emergency situation. It’s ideal for when patients are very sick and having to wait for blood results from an external lab could mean life or death. In minutes we can have accurate and reliable results to start treating your pets straight away.

Not every practice can offer this service!

Digital X-rays

We have an advanced digital x-ray processor which speeds up diagnostics, allows easier and quicker sharing of images to specialists for expert opinions and keeps costs down for the owner too as we no longer have to process and store bulky film x-rays.

Dental surgery

We do dental surgery here at Summer Lane almost daily and we carry it out much like it would be for yourselves at your own dentist. We start by checking and charting every tooth for signs of decay, wear or damage. Sometimes we will need to take x-rays of the mouth to determine the extent of the damage, which is often hidden below the gum line. Next we scale all the teeth with an ultrasonic scaler to remove hardened tartar to reveal the teeth often hidden away under years of disease and bacteria. This helps us to minimise the amount of bacteria in the mouth should we need to carry out any extractions.

When tooth decay is causing your pet pain or discomfort or where the problem is irreversible and will pose a health risk at a later stage, we will extract the tooth to make your pet healthier. Most people don’t realise that having a tooth removed is an act of surgery and it should be treated as such. The shapes of Dogs’ and cats’ teeth are not like ours and they have longer roots to their teeth than we do. This makes removing diseased teeth much more tricky and we often have to cut the gum to access the tooth safely and stitch it back together again.

Specialist Surgeons

We are lucky enough to have the services of local specialist orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeons who regularly come in to the practice to perform more advanced procedures which would previously have been referred to a specialist centre at great expense and stress to the owner and animal. Now these can be performed at a familiar practice with the care from the usual dedicated nursing team with more consistent follow-up from vets who have seen the case through from start to finish.

See more about our colleagues at Rata Veterinary Services


Once a month Rowe Ophthalmology referral comes to the practice for a morning clinic. This means that we can manage complex eye care cases without you having to travel to Bristol for an appointment. We work very closely with the Rowe ophthalmology team who are always very helpful and happy to provide you with advice.


We have on-site endoscopy available for dogs and larger cats to be able to examine the upper GI tract in a less invasive way than with surgery.

Specialist Ultrasound Exams

We are fortunate to have close links with a local specialist veterinary ultrasonographer who comes to the practice on a regular basis. Ultrasound is a gentle, non-invasive method of examining the internal organs without the need for anaesthetics or surgery. This is ideal for those who are critically ill and wouldn’t handle to stresses of surgery or for routine monitoring or disease without repeated invasive procedures.

This is ideal for those who are critically ill and wouldn’t handle to stresses of surgery or for routine monitoring or disease without repeated invasive procedures.

In-house cytology

Our in-house cytology service allows us to diagnose an endless number of problems during a regular consult! From determining the root cause of an ear infection and choosing the correct treatment for your pet to determining what type of lump your pet has developed or what stage of the oestrus cycle your female dog is in prior to breeding or neutering. We also look at blood smears for signs of infection, anaemia, toxicity or auto-immune disease, we look at urine for signs of crystals or bacteria and skin and hair samples for signs of parasites.

There really is no end to the uses for cytology!