Christmas is a time for family. For some of us, that means travelling away from home to visit friends and relatives. Sometimes our pets can come along for the ride, but sometimes they need to have a little holiday of their own. As we’re getting close to the holiday season, we thought we’d share a couple of tips about choosing and using a kennels or cattery.

Choosing a kennels or cattery:

If you’ve found a regular place for your pets to stay when you’re away then that will often make time away from home a little easier for them. Dogs and cats have a surprising ability to remember places they’ve been, and going back to the same place each time can be reassuring for them. If you’re still looking for somewhere suitable, we recommend:

– Giving us a call to ask for advice!

– Planning a visit before you book a stay to make sure that the place is clean and secure and that the people are friendly and knowledgable.

– For dogs: finding out how much exercise they’ll get and whether they’ll be walked or given the chance to run in a secure environment.

For cats: making sure they have the space to play which is secure and not shared by other cats.

Checking in:

When it’s time for your pets to check into their holiday home,there are a few things you can do to make their stay as happy and homely as possible:

Taking familiar beds toys and scratching posts (for cats) can help our pets to settle in and enjoy their stay.

Some people like to leave an item of clothing such as a t-shirt or jumper so pets have the scent of their owners with them. Just don’t expect it to come back to you pristine clean at the end of the stay!

Many kennels and catteries provide food for their guests, but you may prefer to provide your own. For fussy pets or those on specialist diets, it is usually best for them to stick to what they know and like. Make sure you provide enough for the whole stay and that you leave instructions on how much to feed per meal.

Follow these few simple tips for choosing and using a kennel or cattery then both you and your pets should have a happy holiday this Christmas! Don’t forget that you’ll need to have your pets’ vaccinations up to date before any stay away from home.