Winter weather can be a bit unpredictable! But we’ve certainly had our fair share of wind and rain recently! And now an “arctic blast” might be on the way! Oh, the joys of winter! Keeping ourselves dry and warm at this time of year can be hard work, and  caring for our pets through the winter has its own challenges.

Tail winds

Windy weather can sometimes upset both cats and dogs. Those with a nervous disposition can find that the noise of the wind unsettles them and they may not settle down or sleep well when there’s a gale blowing. Things can be even worse if the wind cause rattles or strange noises around the house.

Keeping the TV or radio on during stormy weather can help to distract your pets from unusual noises. Making sure that you carry on as normal, rather than comforting your pets can also be a useful way to show them that there’s nothing to worry about. When your pets are outside in windy weather, it can make them a bit skittish. If the wind is up, you may want to think about keeping your dog on a lead or keeping your cat inside just in case they get spooked.

Wet ‘n wild

We all know that cats tend not to like getting wet, but that doesn’t seem to stop them coming in soaked during the winter! Wet cats are fairly good at finding somewhere warm to curl up and tend to dry themselves off fairly quickly. If you get the chance though it can be worth giving cats a quick towel dry. Although its tempting to use a hair drier, the noise is likely to scare the cat away before you get anywhere near them and the heat can also damage fur and skin.

Wet weather for dogs can start to become a part of everyday life over the winter, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Water usually means mud if our dogs are anything to go by and almost daily dog washing can become the norm. If your dog gets muddy on a walk then its important to make sure than fur doesn’t become matted. Mud and dirt can also get into eyes, ears and between toes and this can cause discomfort or even infection.

Having a  good quality dog shampoo is important over winter to make sure your dog’s coat stays clean. Some dogs have more sensitive skin than others so its worth getting advice on a good shampoo, particularly if your dog has had skin problems at any point in their life.

The big freeze

Cold weather can also bring challenges for pets. Making sure your pets have a warm and comfortable bed can be one of the best ways to keep your pets happy and healthy over winter. Just as cold or damp weather can exacerbate aches and pains in people, winter weather can be tough on our pets – particularly as they get a bit older. Wrapping up warm for trips out is also important and you should consider using a dog jacket when temperatures plummet. When you’re pets are outside, watch that they don’t slip in icy conditions and do themselves an injury. Just as importantly, make sure that you don’t too!

If you need any advice about caring for your pets in winter weather, just get in touch.