Have you made any resolutions this new year? Do any of them involve your pets? If you’re still on the look out for a good new year resolution, how about resolving to teach your pets a new skill or giving them some extra special attention.

Old dog, new tricks…

If you’re a dog owner, you might like to look into the training classes which are available nearby. Get in touch if you need any tips or advice. Dogs of any age can learn new tricks, so don’t think that training classes are only for puppies!

Organised group classes, one to one sessions, agility, scent training and obedience are all possible options and your dog will almost certainly enjoy whichever class you choose. Sometimes organised dog walks are also available and can be a good way for your dog to meet other dogs and for you to meet new friends!

Training not only helps your dog have good manners and life skills, but is also a great way to interact and build a close bond between you.

Catisfaction guaranteed!

Did you know that even grooming and massaging your pet can release endorphins, for you and them? Releasing these “happy hormones” is a great way to make you and your pets feel special! We all know that cats tend to prefer attention on their own terms, but catch them at the right time and your cat will love to be stroked and fussed. If your cat has decided that they don’t enjoy human attention as much as they once did, it might be worth getting things checked out at the vets in case this is a sign of pain or distress.


And remember, most pets love it when you play with them! Playing tug of war with your dog or encouraging your cat to chase a string is great fun for you and for them! So if you haven’t made a new year resolution yet, why not make one that involves your pets!